7 november 2013

First blog post - About Me

While growing up I was always busy with painting, drawing, writing or restyling my room.  I performed in several theatrical performances and even designed the costumes and the scenery. It was a way to document my life. It was no surprise I went to the art academy to study Theatre Design. But before that I studied Writing for Performance in Utrecht. Living on my own for the very first time was a whole different story. For some time I lost myself into it because life had to be grand and compelling. 

The desire for breaking boundaries and then wander around is also a theme in my work and daily life. Or so I say: 'I collect experiences.' My mind is always on High Definition, always busy with something. You could say I am somewhat chaotic.

I just love to be playful. I like to color outside the lines.

I want to have intense feelings. Experience life. I can love someone for one night, or, love life, actually. I use my imagination en try to care for wonder. Life is one great adventure, so... 
Let's make some new memories! 

Adventurer. Hippie. Diary writer. Feminist. 

Voyeuristic photographer. Bohemien. 
A designer with recurring primal dreams. 
That's me.

Maybe someday I will whisper the details in your ear.

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