18 november 2013

Art I Heart - Matthew Barney

Today I stumbled upon this image in a magazine and I was immediately intrigued. Who is the man in the photo? 

The artist is Matthew Barney who works in sculpture, photography, drawing and film. His early works are sculptural installations combined with performance and video. Between 1994 and 2002 he created the The Cremaster Cycle, a series of five films described in The Guardian as 'one of the most imaginative and brilliant achievements in the history of avant-garde cinema.'The image you see above is a still from The Cremaster Cylce 1 (1994).

"Is Barney's work a new beginning for a new century?", asks Richard Lacayo, writing in Time. "It feels more like a very energetic longing for a beginning, in which all kinds of imagery have been put to the service of one man's intricate fantasy of return to the womb. Something lovely and exasperating is forever in formation there. Will he ever give birth?"

So I searched for an online version of The Cremaster Cycle and it is downloading as we speak! 7 hours of performance art, I hope I am ready.

Scrapbook - Playstation Tattoo

14 november 2013

13 november 2013

Journal Entry

                                  Girl with the spooky eyes, november 2013
                                              (c) Tamar Doedens

12 november 2013

Art I Heart - O! Mythology!

Andromeda is the daughter of Cepheus - an Aethiopian king - and Cassiopeia. When Cassiopeia's hubris leads her to boast that Andromeda is more beautiful than the Neireids, Poseidon sends a sea monster to ravage Aethiopia. Andromeda is chained to a rock as a sacrifice to sate the monster, but is saved from death by Perseus, her future husband.

O. How I love Greek mythology.

    Andromeda, Gustave Dore, 1869.

Journal Entry

   Micro, october 2013      
   (c) Tamar Doedens

11 november 2013

Art I Heart - Fifi Lapin

So I stumbled upon this cute little rabbit, Fifi Lapin, always dressed in the latest fashion or some haute couture. 

                                                       Fifi Lapin wearing Giles.

This is what people wrote about Fifi in the press:, it sounds quite promising!

               'The world's most stylish bunny' Elle  'An unlikely - but powerful - fashion force' Vogue

                                                  Fifi and orange sunglasses.

There is also a book and I you can take a sneak peak inside here!

But I am particularly loving this print, of course:

            Fifi Lapin as a little clown.

                                            Detail of Fifi Lapin as a little clown.

Wishing I was this rabbit...

10 november 2013

9 november 2013

Journal Entry

   Promise me a rose garden, november 2013 / 02:43 AM      
   (c) Tamar Doedens

  'Sailing over the ocean. Waves of poodles. Ocean full of dreams.'

7 november 2013

First blog post - About Me

While growing up I was always busy with painting, drawing, writing or restyling my room.  I performed in several theatrical performances and even designed the costumes and the scenery. It was a way to document my life. It was no surprise I went to the art academy to study Theatre Design. But before that I studied Writing for Performance in Utrecht. Living on my own for the very first time was a whole different story. For some time I lost myself into it because life had to be grand and compelling. 

The desire for breaking boundaries and then wander around is also a theme in my work and daily life. Or so I say: 'I collect experiences.' My mind is always on High Definition, always busy with something. You could say I am somewhat chaotic.

I just love to be playful. I like to color outside the lines.

I want to have intense feelings. Experience life. I can love someone for one night, or, love life, actually. I use my imagination en try to care for wonder. Life is one great adventure, so... 
Let's make some new memories! 

Adventurer. Hippie. Diary writer. Feminist. 

Voyeuristic photographer. Bohemien. 
A designer with recurring primal dreams. 
That's me.

Maybe someday I will whisper the details in your ear.