13 december 2013

Scrapbook - My first challenge at Let's Scrap.com

So this was my first challenge ever! 
The Challenge at Let's Scrap was called: "Chipboard Frenzie" - we had to play around with chipboard (a few pieces, not just one) and we could paint, emboss, chalk, distress or cover the pieces. Because I just started scrapping I didn't have much chipboard, but I really wanted to participate so I decided just to go for it...  This is why the letters 'CAMP' are the only chipboard pieces in this lay-out.

The technique I used for covering my chipboard was that I spray-painted the letters with white paint. After that I used Ranger's Distress Crackle Paint (vintage photo) and black acrylic paint to get this old, vintage look. A member of Let's Scrap said the chipboard looked a little like cork. Because you have to work with a lay-out sketch made by Let's Scrap, I choose this one:

These are the materials I started to work with. I used almost everything in the final 
lay-out, except for the bear and the sparkly butterflies. They just didn't seem to fit in:

This is the end result:

Member Michelle's reaction: 
"Stunning layout... Love all the elements you used... great job... 
Well done on doing your first challenge!  You rocked it."

And member Joyce said:
"Love all your embellishments, from the torn map behind 
all the way to the baker's twine on top!"

So tell me what YOU think of it!

Happy Friday!

5 december 2013

Collage - SPACE/COW - Birthday present for Sandra Kaas

(c) Tamar Doedens

A birthday present especially made and inspired by Sandra Kaas.

Birthday princess Sandra Kaas (photo's taken by me):

And in the morning, when we woke up, I found this in the bed where we slept with 6 people...
It pretty much sums up the whole party:

Scrapbook - Present for Birthday Lieve

Birthday girl

The daughter of my friend Julia celebrated her first birthday and I made her this customized present:

A scrapbook page with the invitation for her birthday party! 

4 december 2013

Filmset - Historical Museum Venlo - Big Productions

Here are some stills from the film set for the Historical Museum in Venlo. It was situated in the Roman Empire, inside a tavern. I created the set-design and the styling of the actors. Great collaboration with 'Big Production' - directed by Kas van der Linden.

I Need This

The other day my friend Sylvan send this to me...
A hysterical big pillow shaped as a cat! 

to comfort me in the cold winter days.

3 december 2013

Art I Heart - Oliver Breed / Oma's Kitchen Floor

Dit kunstwerk spreekt tot mijn verbeelding omdat het gaat over vervlogen herinneringen. Het stuk linoleum in combinatie met de titel roept automatisch beelden van mijn eigen verleden in me op. Beelden van mijn oma die met een schort voor de aardappelen schilt. De stijf gesteven witte lakens en servetten. De stiptheid van: "Om 6 uur eten, eej" - zoals ze dat zo mooi zeggen op Goeree-Overflakkee - het eiland waar mijn grootouders woonden. 
Dit is een werk wat je niet kunt reproduceren - juist het gegeven dat deze vloer er decennia heeft gelegen, maakt dat het zo'n indrukwekkend stuk is. Omdat je weet dat het echt is, omdat de oma van de kunstenaar daar al die jaren echt overheen gelopen heeft - totdat er uiteindelijk alleen nog maar ingesleten patronen over waren. Juist dat gegeven geeft het een diepere lading. Oliver Beer vangt voor mij in één beeld een heel leven of dat wat er uiteindelijk van overblijft.*

*This piece is about faded memories. It reminds me of my own past - my grandmother with an apron, differing the potatoes. The starched white linens and napkins. Her punctuality: "We eat at six."
You can't reproduce this work: the fact that this floor laid in the kitchen of his grandmother for decades, makes this such an impressive piece. Because you know it is real. Because there are only ingrained patterns left.
That's what gives it meaning. A whole life - or that what ultimately remains -  captured in one image.

Daria De Beauvais writes on Saatchi online:

"(...) Oma’s Kitchen Floor (2008), is dedicated to his grandmother. Using the forty years old lino floor of her kitchen, Oliver Beer transformed it into a wall piece, a gigantic picture, showing where the old woman used to walk and stop in her kitchen, “like a drawing made over forty years, these worn patches describe half a lifetime of movement.” These examples of his recent production shows that with quite simple means, Oliver Beer succeeds in creating pure emotion."

2 december 2013

Home Made Sint Nicolas presents for my nieces!

Because I didn't have a lot of money to buy Sint Nicolas* presents, I decided to make some myself. Don't you love the way these stuffed creatures turned out?

Sinterklaas is the name of a character and a holiday named for Saint Nicholas, a real-life Catholic bishop who was known for his kindness to children. Like Santa Claus, the modern-day Sinterklaas has become a non-sectarian figure who is beloved by all children. Both characters wear red and reward children with presents for being 'nice'. (source: Lana Red Studio) 

And this one was named 
'Poessie-Poessie' by my niece Nomi. She said: 
"It is gonna be my favorite one!" 

Nomi and Nine with their new friends.

You can hear Niki 'screaming' about Snoesie-poessie in the background ;)

My little niece Niki with hers.

I also scrapped the birth card of Niki for her mother and father
(they are my sister-in-law Natascha and her boyfriend Erik).

This was a bigger success than buying presents in the store and spending a lot of money. Mission accomplished! 

Collage - Man with one eye

 Man with one eye, november 2013
 (c) Tamar Doedens

18 november 2013

Art I Heart - Matthew Barney

Today I stumbled upon this image in a magazine and I was immediately intrigued. Who is the man in the photo? 

The artist is Matthew Barney who works in sculpture, photography, drawing and film. His early works are sculptural installations combined with performance and video. Between 1994 and 2002 he created the The Cremaster Cycle, a series of five films described in The Guardian as 'one of the most imaginative and brilliant achievements in the history of avant-garde cinema.'The image you see above is a still from The Cremaster Cylce 1 (1994).

"Is Barney's work a new beginning for a new century?", asks Richard Lacayo, writing in Time. "It feels more like a very energetic longing for a beginning, in which all kinds of imagery have been put to the service of one man's intricate fantasy of return to the womb. Something lovely and exasperating is forever in formation there. Will he ever give birth?"

So I searched for an online version of The Cremaster Cycle and it is downloading as we speak! 7 hours of performance art, I hope I am ready.

Scrapbook - Playstation Tattoo

14 november 2013

Art I Heart - Edmund Dulac

Enchanting illustrations by Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac - The Merman King

Edmund Dulac - She saved the prince

Edmund Dulac - The liquid sparkled

Edmund Dulac - The prince asked who she was

Edmund Dulac - Dissolving in foam

Scrapbook - Fantasia